6D Cinemotion


” The first outdoor entertainment 6D Cinemotion in Asia “




As the first outdoor entertainment 6D Cinemotion in Asia and also the first 6D Cinemotion in Langkawi, 6D Cinemotion takes 3D movie viewing pleasure to entirely new dimensions! Visitors will be exposed to various combinations of special effects similar to what the onscreen characters are experiencing – all while watching a 3D stereoscopic movie and seated on a 5D special effect seats. 6D CineMotion is open daily from 9.00 am until 7.00 pm with shows running once every 15 minutes. Come and enjoy an out of this world experience with your loved ones today.

Natures do mix with cinema excitement. An outdoor 6D Cinemotion, you can diversify your vacation experience. After walking under the sun, some shaking, flashing, leg sweeping and many more are welcomed! You are on vacation after all! Have fun!


Frequently Asked Questions

Answer :

6D Cinemotion is 3D show with special effect such as moving seat, bubbles, flash effect, leg sweeping and water spray.

Answer :

We have no age restriction. However pregnant mother and patient with heart problem are advised not to watch 6D Cinemotion.

Answer :

We have all sorts of short movies such as
1. Aladdin
2. Base Motor
3. Bloody Mystery
4. Bolt1
5. Despicable Me
6. Dinosaur World
7. Doom Day
8. Extremity Roller Coaster
9. Flower Valley
10. Fly Me To The Moon
11. Forest Adventure
12. Horrible Mine
13. House of Hell
14. Jet Travel
15. Langkawi
16. Million DC 17. Monster Vs Alien
18. Ocean
19. Pumpkin Ghost
20. Roller Coaster Journey


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