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On 1st September 2014, Langkawi SkyCab conceived its newest member to its line of attractions, the F1 Simulator. With this newest member in line, it brought the wildest dream of man versus machine to visitors of Mount Machinchang. Inaugurated by none other than Malaysia’s Father of Development, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the simulator had drawn in crowds from all over the globe to test their high speed driving skills.


The simulators are designed around the principles of Pitch and Roll and Four Degrees of Freedom (4DoF) full motion bases producing enthralling powerful accelerations using patented innovative technology to produce stunning high fidelity motion detail which delivers a truly exhilarating and organic ride experience.






” Enthralling Powerful Acceleration “


We offer 5 race tracks including Monaco and our pride and joy, Sepang Circuit. Visitors can choose 2 modes of driving; F1 and rally. Both are equally challenging and adrenaline pumping. Race side by side with your friends and families or even strangers with our machines. Compete against 5 different players simultaneously and see who’s the best behind the wheel. Supported by hydraulic system that moves in tandem with the game, users will have real time experience accelerating, braking, taking corners, G-Force and even crashing into the wall.


It’s so real, it’s surreal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Answer :

The duration will depend on which package is purchased. It can be either 5 minutes or it can be 10 minutes.

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Yes, kids too can enjoy it.

Answer :

Guidance is available upon request.



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