Panorama Langkawi Rebrands Itself, Launch New Logo and Tagline

LANGKAWI, 13 April 2011:- Langkawi Cable Car now renamed Panorama Langkawi Cable Car 

Panorama Langkawi Sdn Bhd, operator of the famous Langkawi Cable Car, today announced a brand restructuring of all its assets and unveiled its new tagline, "Welcome to Happiness".

"Langkawi Cable Car has been the island flagship brand for a decade, but the time has now come for Panorama Langkawi to be brought to the forefront of public attention as our main brand," announced the company's Chief Operating Officer, Ebi Azly Abdullah.

Under the rebranding exercise, Panorama Langkawi will now host an array of sub-brands which includes Panorama Langkawi Cable Car and Panorama Langkawi Sky Bridge.

"As a brand, Langkawi Cable Car is unable to host our present and future products. In fact, we have two world-class products: our cable car and our 700m high curve bridge.

"By rebranding ourselves as Panorama Langkawi, present and future products can be parked comfortably as sub-brands. We are now at the threshold of change and this rebranding exercise will also see the inception of a completely new Brand Identity, which in the months to come, will transform our venue into a more tourist friendly destination," he said.

Ebi also stressed that Panorama Langkawi's business growth has to rely on astute and strategic marketing campigns that will entice more visitors.

"These three simple but powerful words will be used across all communications media, including advertising, to draw more and more people to Panorama Langkawi.

"We want our target market to know that when they come here, the will experience the kind of happiness that's defined by two world class infrastructures which are the world's steepest cable car ride and one of the world's most spectacular observation bridge that connects the tips of two mountains at over 700 metres above sea level.

"Once they are atop Panorama Langkawi's perch, they will glow in the kind of happiness that can only come from a fantastic, panaromic 360 degree view. This is the kind of happiness that's unique - it's fun, educational, healthy, family oriented and it's all borne out of the natural geographic greenness that surrounds our venue," he added.

The COO then unveiled the brand's new green logo which is underscored by the letter P, designed in such a way as to be reminiscent of a young shoot of leaf.

The new logo and the new tagline will be applied extensively in all our communications materials, including advertising and merchandising.

Ebi observed that in Malaysia's tourism industry, no one has sold "happiness" as a brand proposition to consumers.

Panorama langkawi has drawn close to 700,000 paying visitors last year and the company plans to top this figure in 2011 by redesigning its venue, adding more revenue generating products and launching an aggressive marketing campaign.

News Date: 
13 Apr 2011