What is SkyTrail?


Take a step forward to enjoy the natural uniqueness of Mount Machinchang from Top Station to the Base Station Langkawi SkyCab. Here you will have the privilege to walk through our nature synonymous track known as SkyTrail.

Engage with our experienced nature guide and learn a few things about the birthplace of South East Asia where it existed for more than 550 million years ago.  It can be a fruitful learning experience about the fauna and flora of our sandstone forest, various rock samples or simply be awed by the view from a few lookout points.

This interpretative walk can be done with light clothing and casual footwear. For experienced trekkers, it can be considered as a walk in the park whereas for beginners it is a thrilling mini adventure. Our Skytrail or our guided tour is definitely a must do for an enhanced experience that would add more value to your stay in Langkawi. It is an approach to immerse yourself as one with Mother Nature and human touch which says “Naturally Langkawi”.









Try shortest path from top station to middle station, a mini adventure for beginner and casual walk seasoned hikers. Craving for an arduous path? Just give extreme package a try, walking from top station to base station. Feel the nature and experience Naturally Langkawi at Skytrail.


Frequently Asked Questions

Answer :

SkyTrail service counter is located next to Langkawi SkyCab main ticketing counter at Base Station. For each SkyTrail trip, an experience guide will accompany you throughout the trip.

Answer :

Basic package is suitable for all age as long as they don’t have any medical problems. However intermediate and extreme package is only suitable for fitted adult.

Answer :

For basic package, casual wear is suitable. However for intermediate and extreme package, visitor is advised to wear proper attire for jungle trekking.


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