Time Travel



Time Travel is a futuristic space equipped with the latest technology to transform your imagination into reality. Take a ride inside your mind and travel to the ends of your imagination at Malaysia’s very first Imaginarium!


An inviting space with innovative, immersive and interactive installations to transport you into a whole different world with endless possibilities.


“A visual treat from start to finish, built to bring smiles and laughter”




A mental gym that heightens your curiosity and stretches your creativity when you enter into the five futuristic dimensions built in Augmented and Virtual Realities.



Instantly travel to different timezones and interact with majestic animals and dinosaurs. Visitors will be able to interact with the animals projected in augmented reality.

Get a Time Travel Passport and transform yourself into your dream character.

Witness a memorable journey through Langkawi in a virtual reality skyride journey that’s exactly like flying in a helicopter.

Watch your children’s artwork come alive in 3D with our super cool Rainbow Alive technology.

Uncover the mystery of time and art in this interactive Light and Magic walk. The beautiful display of lights will enrich your senses and creativity.


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