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Lake Activity


If you’re looking for some fun and entertaining water-based activities while at Langkawi SkyCab, there are quite a few available at Oriental Village’s lake. Situated in the middle of Oriental Village area, the lake area has become one of the main attractions here. Covering an area of a small football field, it offers water-based activities that can be enjoyed by everyone.




” Spend your time by trying out the water activities ! “







This includes recreational and fun activities such as water orb, orb ball and water bike which you can enjoy at your own leisurely pace with your family and friends. 

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Dream to walk on Water? We will make your dream come true. Roller Orb is a 2 meter inflatable where one to two person can walk, tumble and relax while floating on water. It can accommodate the capacity around 160 kg at a time. No worries on safety as it floats! There's an anchor line and safety personnel on standby.


skyadventure park

Simulating walking on water ! Relaxing inside a transparent ball and you can watch the fishes from the inside of the ball. You can stand around 10 minutes in the Orb Ball and must be aged 5 and above. Come and try it for yourself!


skyadventure park

Want to stay active and fit? You can try water bike for some added fun. Cycle around the lake for 10 minutes and choose either a single sector or 2 sector bike.


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